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Meetup OpenEvents

Searches for recent and upcoming public events hosted by Meetup groups. Its search window is the past one month through the next three months, and is subject to change. Open Events is optimized to search for current events by location, category, ...

Meetup RSVP Create/Update

Creates or updates an existing RSVP

Meetup RSVP Get

Retrieve a single RSVP

Meetup RSVPs v2

Query for Event RSVPs by event

Meetup WebSockets RSVP Stream

For browsers that support it, [WebSockets]( is a more efficient alternative to the long-polling stream. This is a **push only** endpoint and will discard any messages received from the client after the socket is...

Meetup RSVP

Creates a new Rsvp

Meetup Rsvps

API method for accessing meetup rsvps

Meetup Event RSVP list

Retrieves list of event RSVPs

Meetup RSVP Create and Update

Creates or updates an existing RSVP

Meetup Close Rsvps

Closes rsvps for an event

Meetup Open Rsvps

Opens rsvps for an event

Meetup Event Payments

Allows organizers of a group to note payments made by members for an event. This is the 'Mark Paid' feature seen in the RSVP listings on event details pages and affects the 'pay_status' response fields in [2/rsvps](/meetup_api/docs/2/rsvps/#respon...

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